What bus sizes do you have?
  • 13 seats
  • 24 seats
  • 42 seats
  • 48 seats
  • 52 seats
  • 57 seats
My wedding is coming up and I would like someone to transport my guests to the ceremony & reception. Can you do this?

Absolutely we can! We’ve been apart of 100s of couples’ weddings in the past few years alone. We can pick up and return all of your wedding guests to one central location, or we can do multiple pick ups & drop offs – whatever’s easiest for you & your guests! For pricing information on wedding guest transport, please just give us a call.

Do you have child or booster seats on your buses?

No, unfortunately we do not supply child or booster seats. We ask that parents provide their own child or booster seat if their child needs special seating arrangements.

Are children OK to sit on passengers’ laps in the bus?

Infants can sit on laps up to the age of 3, but children older than that will require a seat.

Do you operate a service between Broken Hill & Adelaide?

We certainly do run a charter between Adelaide & Broken Hill! You will find the timetable & ticket prices on our Services page.

Do you have pension, concession & student rates for your regional bus services?

Yes, we do! You will find the pricing information on our Services page.

Can you bring animals on the bus?

No animals are permitted on any rail, bus, or coach service – it is the law. The only exception to this law is service dogs.

If you need to transport an animal with you, we recommend using airfreight.

Do you run regular tours, and what are they?

We regularly operate wine tours, as well as tours to the Lobethal Lights, Broken Heel Festival, and services to various music festivals; just to name a few.

Keep an eye out for other special tours we participate in by following our Facebook page.

Do you have wheelchair accessible buses?

Yes, our larger buses are wheelchair accessible.

Is the consumption of alcohol allowed on hired-out charter bus services?

Yes, but only if the passenger group applies and receives an alcohol permit for consumption on the bus prior to the day of the service.

You apply and purchase liquor licences through the Consumer & Business Services website.

Do you have preferred pick up and drop off points around the Adelaide CBD?

Our recommended pick up destinations are the Intercontinental North Terrace (on North Terrace) or Victoria Square by the Hilton.

Where can I purchase tickets from for your regional bus services?

Tickets can be purchased via the following:

  • Adelaide office, 11 Ceafield Road, Para Hills West, SA 5096
  • Calling our Adelaide office on (08) 8295 6900
  • Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre, Cnr Blende Street and Bromide Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880
  • Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre office on (08) 8080 3560
What sort of school transport do you offer?
  • Before school pickups & after school drop-offs
  • During school hours excursion trips
Can passengers use Vic Free Passes for your Victorian services?

Only on government-supplied services such as VLine can the Vic Pass be used. As we are not a government-funded service, we can’t accept your Vic Pass.

What’s the youngest you’re allowed to be to travel on the bus alone?

12 years of age is the youngest we will allow travelling alone on our bus services. These children will also need a permission note stating who is dropping them off and who is collecting them from the bus service.

Note: if your child who’s under 12 years of age travels with an older sibling (i.e. 12+ years old), that is fine for the younger sibling to travel together on our buses.