Booking with the operator direct

When booking transport, there are so many things to consider – so why not just use an agent, tell them what you want and they give you a price….?

Because this seeming convenience can end up impacting your day and your finances.

Booking agents do not provide the service, they tender it out, add their charges, take the funds and run. Operators cannot do this, they have a concrete reason to ensure your travel is what you wanted and you get to your special event.

When using agents, there is always an extra step of communication, you tell the agent, they tell the provider, then tell you, you clarify, they contact the company…. and it goes on.

Booking direct eliminates the information highway and ensures everything you wanted and expect is known to the operator who will be doing your transport. There is no ‘third person’ or ‘second hand information’.

A booking agent is externalised and your funds go to them – where booking with the operator enables you to know your trip is paid to the company providing the transport – at the best price. Some providers are based overseas, (with a local address to appear Australian) which means there is little to no recourse for any issues you have.  Many ‘booking agents’ are not actually travel agents, just a brokerage service.

Take back control of your day and your finances – ring around and book direct with the bus & coach operator!